1 Week Programme

Our seven day beginners/basic package is designed for those on a limited budget, but who want to do a ‘safe liver cleanse and gallstone removal’.

It focuses very much on internal cleansing, it directs and guides you gently through the process, so that any healing crisis is minimised. Some clients have come to us in an emergency or when they have been diagnosed with gallbladder issues. In these cases the immediate priority is to get them out of pain and into a more comfortable situation. We need to get their body quickly alkalised, so we can get rid of the harmful build up of toxins (which are held in the tissues).

The seven day all inclusive programme will not only rid your body of the initial gallstones and debris, it also stabilises your blood pressure and sugar levels. You will have a general overall feeling of wellbeing (even lose a bit of weight, if needed).

This package is priced at £3,500
Payments in full or 4 instalments. Please enquire for details.

What's included?

  • 1 blood microscopy consultation and diet advise
  • 2 homeopathic assessments
  • 1 cranial treatment
  • 1 session of back/hand and foot massage (with Doterra Therapeutic Essential Oils)
  • 2 far infrared sauna sessions
  • 1 colonic – ozone
  • 1 yoga session
  • Daily meditation/sharing thoughts and feelings
  • Daily forest walks/gentle exercise
  • All supplements/herbs and tinctures

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