2 Week Programme

This programme will enable the client to safely do their own liver cleanse at home once they have had the full training on how to administer the cleanse on themselves (It does not allow for the client to administer or diagnose for anyone else). The teaching is solely for the individuals’ personal use. Herbs/tinctures and supplements will be solely tailored to the client’s needs and will be purchased though the clinic.

The teachings will incorporate the anatomy of how the digestive track/colon works. How different foods have an impact on digestion and later on how disease can form. We will cover blood group specific diets; you will be assigned a practitioner to help with eating plans; cooking and recipes to entice your taste buds; healthy wholesome cooking classes; and you will partake in making fresh vegetable juices which are conducive to the liver programme.

You will learn how to consider the removal of toxic chemicals from your body such as Amalgam fillings and electro pollution. You will have a full health assessment.

This 2 week programme helps to give the client confidence to administer their own treatments (if not strong enough to carry out by themselves instruction can be given to personal carers. This person must be chosen by the client and paid for). If a patient wants to book for a daily stay after their 2 weeks inclusive programme this can be booked in advance at £150 per day, this is a respite day with juice and potassium broth.

The Cost of this retreat is £11,200

What's included?

  • 1 session on blood microscopy
  • 1 Homeopathic Consultation (which will include the remedies)
  • 1 Cranial session
  • 1 Foot Detox
  • Far Infrared Sauna (2 per week)
  • Learn how to administer your own enemas
  • All herbs/supplements/tinctures (included)
  • 2 Yoga sessions
  • Health Development Coach, teacher to be chosen
  • Mentoring (this will be a four week package part of the programme)

Additional treatment package can be booked at a reduced cost of £1,000 to include: Intravenous – ozone, Vitamin C infusions, Vitamin B17 Infusions and 2 x Colonic – ozone.

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