About Us

Sovereign Maroon was born through the frustration of patients who were being told by their oncologists and medics that there was nothing more that can be done. These words send people away without hope of any possible recovery.

The patient can become disillusioned of any suggestions of ‘alternative treatments’ as they are not endorsed by the medics. Sovereign Maroon is about providing hope.


The Sovereign Maroon Health Clinic has residential beds for 20 patient/clients, we also have day clinic facilities with five physicians daily.  Our day clients have facilities for bio resonance testing, blood microscopy, De-pulse Deta Elis body balance devices energy medicine and ancient roots herbs.

Our new clinic is part of a well-established healing and retreat centre in East Sussex. We have studio space for workshops, meditation classes and deeper spiritual practices

Our buildings on the premises include The Sanctuary of Light Studio; for classes, meditation and workshops and additional accommodation and The Cabin Clinic; for specialist treatments and a massage and sauna area.

About the Chief Minister for Health :Merlee:Harris.ND

M V Harris
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:Merlee:Harris.ND has spent over 41 years totally dedicated to health and wellbeing and spiritual development. She says that it has been the most rewarding and uplifting journey of self discovery and she gives gratitude for the good fortune and experience.

:Merlee:Harris.ND has owned and managed successful businesses, often running them simultaneously. She facilitates health and well being retreats in several countries.

The Sanctuary of Light, her London clinic, gave 25 years of service and Beechcroft Retreats has been running since 2000.

In June 2007 :Merlee:Harris.ND was awarded the BEAMM for Recognition of Enterprise, Excellence and Achievement.

In August 2014 The Global Directory of Who’s Who, honoured :Merlee:Harris.ND as a Life Time Member, in recognition of hard work, dedication, perseverance and for demonstrating leadership and contributions to the medical profession as a Top Health Professional. Working with enthusiasm, passion and integrity and has helped people from all over the world with various health problems and continues on her personal spiritual path to this day.

As an author, :Merlee:Harris.ND has added to her repertoire by sharing her years of health knowledge internationally.