The programmes run for 1 week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks. These usually take place between March and September and the structure of each programme is different. All clients are assessed for their suitability before admission on to the detox. Health and Mobility is taken into consideration to assess whether additional support is required.

To get started, you will need to complete our simple Consultation Form and a small deposit paid to secure a full Consultation with Merlee. For each programme, all foods, supplements, herbs and treatments are included in the price. Additional specialist treatments can be arranged on request/recommendation. These can be discussed during the full consultation.

Core Principles

  • Core principals and health/detox, how the body works, specific gut/brain/food sensitivities.
  • What is needed for better functioning of these organs?
  • The importance of keeping the body alkaline, what are alkaline foods?
  • How to Juice efficiently, which juices are best to use.
  • Supplements – why taken them? Which are the best? Practitioner suggested supplements, where to buy.
  • What’s food got to do with depression? How can certain foods help to put us in a better mood?
  • How does water play such an important role in our health? What happens when we get dehydrated?
  • How do Blood Group diets work? Why do I need to know my blood group? (Blood Group testing can be arranged at the clinic if you are unsure of your own group)
  • What should your blood pressure be? What to do to keep it normal or improve it.